Velv-A-Lume Storm Windows

VELV-A-LUME Storm Windows have been solving unique window problems for many years. Increasingly, architects and engineers are writing specifications which demand a high level of performance and quality...which are being met by VELV-A-LUME Storm Windows. The uncommon combination of tubular aluminum extrusions, tongue and groove sash seal, and close tolerances between sash and frame make the VELV-A-LUME Storm Window a serious performer. As a result, VELV-A-LUME Storm Windows have been installed in many state, local, and federal projects, including office buildings, colleges, police barracks, highway department buildings, and hospitals, as well as veterans administration and military reservation facilities.

"Person-McGhee Farm" located in Franklin County, North Carolina. Oldest part built between 1770 and 1820. Listed in National Register of Historical Places August 14, 1979. Velv-A-Lume Storm Windows installed in Spring of 1999.

The preservation and renovation of homes and buildings of historic and architectural significance presents a singular challenge involving windows. Often, due to restrictions and guidelines enacted by localities, existing architectural details, such as windows, must be preserved. The VELV-A-LUME Storm Window has been used extensively in these situations. Designed to fit flush within the existing window opening, it's often difficult to detect that a storm window has been installed.

VELV-A-LUME Storm Windows are "butt construction," expander windows. An expander window is unique in that it can be fitted into a window opening that is out of square and still fit perfectly, always allowing the sash and frame to remain square and operate with ease. VELV-A-LUME... the ideal choice for "invisible" protection.

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