Traditionalists Want the Real Thing: Energy-Saving Wooden Storm Windows

SpencerWorksTM was born from the desire of owner/inventor John Spencer to stop climbing ladders. Every spring and fall John, who was a historic renovation contractor, could be found climbing the ladder to remove his wooden storms and install the wooden screens on his 100-plus year old house.

storm windows The Ferguson House in Lincoln, Nebraska, has All Season storm windows on this upper floor. All Season Hanging Windows
John Spencer developed the All Season Hanging Windows, which have been tested by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.
Wooden Storm Windows Windows such as this unusual four-over-one are easily made secure with All Season Hanging Windows.

As a result of his bi-annual climb, John figured there had to be a better way. He looked at his home and discovered the unused space available between the sash and the edge of the blind stop. With ingenuity and know-how he was able to attach a sliding lower sash to a wooden storm with a glass top sash and a lower sash screen. From this, the SpencerWorks All-Season™ Hanging Window was invented.

The next years brought design refinement and American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) testing, a standardized evaluation which leads to the (AAMA) seal of approval and a Patent from the U.S. Patent Office.

Wooden Storm Windows All Season windows are particularly attractive on older houses such as this elegant Midwest stone one.

The unique feature of the SpencerWorks window is that from the outside the window appears just like a wooden storm. The slider is completely concealed so only the wooden storm frame is exposed. Because all the windows are custom made to each location, sash rails and stiles match the interior window perfectly.

As sales have grown SpencerWorks has added Period Hangers, Traditional Storms and Traditional Screens to the product line. SpencerWorks windows have been accepted for restoration projects by the National Parks Service, State Historical Societies and National Historical Societies.

custom storm windows

SpencerWorks wooden storm windows are custom made for any window shape.

For more information about wooden storm windows contact: John Spencer,, 716 South 4th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. Phone: 402.499.7848