Save Your Wooden Windows

Don't make the mistake of throwing away your original wooden windows when you're upgrading or restoring your house. With the aid of preservationist John Leeke's SAVE AMERICA'S WINDOWS (140pp, $30) you can bring them back to life. And when you finish they'll look far better than modern replacement ones.

Leeke takes the do-it-yourselfer through the process of what to buy and how to use it in order to make your windows match the rest of your house. You needn't be an expert. You just need to have a little time and patience and be handy with tools.

So whether you're doing a full-scale restoration or are looking only to fix problems that have arisen by either normal wear or neglect over time this book will help you achieve your goal. Remember that the original windows are an integral part of your house. Restore them, don't destroy them.  Read more  >>